How Real? Idaho Real!

Watch The Signature Russet Difference

100% Real Idaho Potatoes

Signature Russets Mashed potatoes are made from 100% REAL Idaho® Potatoes, with real butter and real cream, with hand-mashed texture and taste customers can't resist.

Real Product Innovation

Idahoan Foods is the retail category leader for a reason. We constantly explore new ideas and innovations that remind customers why potatoes are the best sides in the world.

Real Competitive Advantage

When sensory tested against the leading frozen, and refrigerated mashed, Idahoan Signature Russets consistently came out on top. We even beat one of America's leading premium steakhouses mashed potatoes!

Real Savings

Mashed lovers chose Idahoan over all of them. That's exciting, because you can deliver creamy, buttery mashed at half the cost and do it in just 60 seconds. That's performance.